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Should I seek help from a psychologist?

Lots of people see psychologists for a whole range of reasons from anxiety, eating disorders, relationship hassles, school problems, family issues, you name it. But when life's challenges feel so overbearing that it seems impossible to move on, or you can't think straight, that's when a psychologist can really help you.

Here are some of the most common reasons why people go to a psychologist for help:

Do I need a medical referral to see a psychologist?

No, you do not need a referral. You can make an appointment to see a psychologist without a referral from your GP or a psychiatrist. Referrals from a General Practitioner (GP) or psychiatrist are only required if you wish to claim the Medicare rebate.

Do you only treat clients with anxiety issues?

No. Our staff provide treatment for a wide range of mental health presentations including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, perfectionism, low self-esteem, body image disturbances, childhood trauma and eating disorders.

What can I expect in the first session?

The appointment will go for 50 minutes and a comprehensive assessment is undertaken. You will be able to tell your story to help us understand why you have come, what's working and not working for you, what's keeping the issue in play and what you need to move forward in life.

How long does treatment continue?

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is short-term therapy based on the here and now. Factors influencing a positive outcome include the length of time the anxiety has been present and its severity; other presenting issues; readiness for treatment and ability to maintain motivation and practice skills; building a relationship with your therapist; and having treatment tailored to you. In some cases, improvement can be seen in the initial stages of therapy while in other cases it may take longer.

How much does it cost?

Our fees and the medicare rebate are shown in the below table.
Session Time Cost Medicare rebate*
Initial sesssion 50 mins $220 $131.65
Follow-up sesssions 50 mins $220 $131.65

Payment is expected at the end of each session.
50% of the scheduled fee will be charged for missed appointments. For clients being billed as per NDIS pricing, the short notice cancellation fee applies.

*Medicare Rebate
If you have a referral under Medicare then you are entitled to a rebate of $131.65 for each appointment that you attend, up to 20 sessions per calendar year.

How do I get a referral under Medicare?

Under the Better Access initiative, individuals with an assessed mental disorder may be eligible for the Medicare rebate. Talk with your GP about completing a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan. Alternatively, a psychiatrist can complete a letter of referral. After six sessions, you will need to return to your doctor for review of the plan.

Do you accept individuals being referred under WorkCover?

Yes. If you have obtained a Workcover or ComCare medical certificate from your Doctor in relation to workers compensation or a motor vehicle accident, and this includes a recommendation that you see a Psychologist, you can contact us to obtain these services.

Can I get a rebate from my private health fund?

Many private health funds offer rebates for psychological services if not claiming through Medicare. Please check with your health fund to find out whether you are eligible for a rebate.

What is the difference between a Generalist Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist?

A Generalist Psychologist has completed a four year degree in Psychology at University and has either completed two years of supervision or has completed a Masters Degree in a psychology stream. A Clinical Psychologist has completed either 6 or 7 years of university training, has been supervised for a further two years in a range of mental health settings and had been endorsed as a Clinical Psychologist by the Psychology Board of Australia.

Medicare rebates for mental health services provided by psychologists through Better Access initiative Workcover NSW Government covers the treatment of Anxiety by a Psychologist